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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wood are the cabins made from?
Top quality Northern European pine or spruce.

Is the timber treated?
All our cabins have pressure treated foundation beams. The cabins must be treated with good quality preservative treatment immediately after construction. We recommend Sadolin and can help you to choose the right product. The inside wood will also need treating, either with a coloured or a clear stain/varnish. The wood can then be wiped clean if necessary. We recommend a good quality floor varnish be used on the floorboards.

Is planning permission necessary for a log cabin?
Planning permission is not usually required if the building is under 30m² and you abide by certain rules. We advise you to contact your local planning department if you are unsure.

Are the cabins suitable for permanent residence?
Our log cabins are not suitable for permanant residences as they do not meet the building regulations for houses. They can only be used for occasional guest accommodation. Please see your local planning office for building regulations.

What size wall logs are suitable for a garden office?
Perfect Cabins recommend a minimum thickness of 44mm for a garden office and would recommend you insulate the floor and roof to minimise heat loss. 70mm is preferable, and we can now offer 92mm!

What type of base do I require for my cabin?
We recommend either a full 4-6'' concrete slab base or we offer an Eco Treated Timber base where access is difficult or the ground is not level. 

Do you offer a base laying service?
We offer the Eoc Treated Timber base service in most areas. Call us for a quote.

Are the floors and shingles included in the price of your cabins?
We include the floors in the price (except for Tuin cabins which are priced as an extra). We quote the price of shingles separately as not all customers wish to purchase shingles.

Is there a choice of roof shingle colours?
We offer a choice of colour and style  depending on the brand of cabin chosen. See cabin pages for details.

Can I add doors and windows to the standard cabin?
Additional doors and windows can usually be purchased. Call for details. 

Are all cabins double glazed?
Some cabins are double glazed, others have optional double glazing. See individual cabins for details.

Do you supply bespoke designed cabins?
Yes. If you design a floorplan we can get a quote from our manufacturers.

How do I place an order?
Please call Karen on 07931 363227 (mobile) or call 0845 017 0854 leave a message and we will call you back.
 Full payment is usually required at point of order for all cabins. This is normally made by bank transfer.  A VAT invoice is sent to you by email. 

How long from placing my order will it take for my cabin to be delivered?
EuroWood and Tuin both usually take 2 to 3 weeks if the cabin is in stock. Lasita can be from 1-4 weeks depending on the stocks in the UK. Our German cabins are usually 4-8 weeks, but this varies throughout the year.

Are the cabins easy to build?
Most cabins are very easy to build for a reasonably experienced DIYer. It is good fun and all the family can be involved!  Assembly instructions are provided with your cabin kit. Ability to read instructions and to wield a hammer necessary! If you get stuck we are always available on the phone for advice. The job is time consuming, and as an example, a medium sized cabin usually takes two people about 3-4 days for a basic installation. If you are insulating the roof and floor, painting inside and outside, adding guttering etc. you may find it takes a couple of weeks! It is usually faster to have our experienced installers do the main work, then all you need to do is decorate and move in! There are guide prices on the Installation section.

Can Perfect Cabins install my log cabin?
Yes. We are able to quote nationwide for cabin installations! Email for a quote giving the name of the cabin, size and postcode. 

Are there any guarantees?
Guarantees are not usually provided for log cabins apart from your statutory rights of course. It would be impossible to guarantee the life of an untreated wood  cabin when the treatment is entirely the customers responsibility. If treated immediately with two coats of a reputable wood treatment such as Sadolin, and again every six years, the building should be good for at least 25 years.

Can you install and electrical supply for my log cabin? 
No. We are not qualified to do so. You will need to employ a qualified (Part P) electrician to install the supply and to wire the cabin for light and power. To find a suitable contractor please visit this link.   LOCAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR SEARCH

0845 017 08 54 (Lo-Call - leave message)

07931 363227 (mobile)


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May 07, 2021

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