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Perfect Cabins supply quality garden buildings, and specialise in buildings suitable for home offices, garden studios or playrooms.

A garden building will give you that instant extra room, yet at a fraction of the cost of extending your property. A double-glazed log cabin with roof and floor insulation is easy to heat, and is suitable to use all year round.

Most garden buildings, including log cabins, are classified as Permitted Development and usually do not require Planning Permission.

Virtually all the designs we sell are double glazed, and our bespoke (made to measure) buildings can have even higher quality double-glazing. We can offer safety glass and factory painted doors and windows to make life even easier!

Perfect Cabins currently sell products from two manufacturers, Lasita Maja and Lugarde.


We have been dealing with Lasita Maja since 2007, so have a long relationship with the company. They have a fantastic range of standard cabins, which - because they are manufactured in large quantities for the European market - are exceptionally good value for money. If you are on a budget, then these will be the first buildings you should look at!

Lasita Maja also have a smaller factory that manufactures their bespoke cabins. Lasita bespoke cabins are offered in standard double-glazing, or a higher specification (5+) which has multi-point locking, better insulation and factory paint or stain.


If you are looking for something a little different, we offer buildings from Lugarde. As well as log cabin designs, they produce traditional octagonal, pentagonal and square summerhouses in their patented 'Prima' , and new 'Pro' systems. They have a range of standard models which will be the best value for money, but - as all their designs are manufactured to customer order - there is great flexibility to change buildings to suit the customers requirements. They are specialists in bespoke cabins and there are hundreds of fabulous examples and ideas on their website, and in their glossy catalogue. All buildings have their high specification of doors and windows, and they also have optional safety glazing, factory painted doors and windows, factory treatment and even factory pressure treatment. They have a huge variety of doors and windows to choose from, so even the plainest of buildings can be transformed by some unusual windows!


We also sell our own designs under the name of Perfect Cottages. When we first started to sell log cabins in 2006, there were mostly only 'Swiss chalet' type cabins on offer. They were nearly all square, and were to our eyes a little ugly! We teamed up with a wonderful German company, and produced our own range of cottage shape log cabins which were hugely popular.

Most log cabin companies followed suit a few years later, and now cottage shape cabins are the most popular shape sold in the UK. When the economy slowed in around 2011, we were finding it harder to fill trucks for delivery. Each delivery required 4-6 cabins to be viable to deliver from Germany, and it became difficult to guarantee that we could fill the truck every month.

We decided to look for an alternative supplier, and luckily Lasita Maja had started producing bespoke cabins. Lasita now manufacture our own range, but to our own high specifications, even higher than our original cabins. We now have toughened glazing as standard, good U-values and optional factory paint/stain for doors and windows. Our doors have special bearing hinges, and multi-point locking, and windows are also multi-point locking. 

Perfect Cabins are able to install and insulate your garden building, however - as we do not employ sub-contractors we do get booked up very quickly during the spring/summer.

We do not fit electrics or plumbing, so you will need to employ a local contractor, but we are happy to liaise with your electrician/plumber.

Painting of cabins is not something we are able to offer, and we are sure your local painter/decorator would do a great job. Better still go for the factory paint/treatment options!
We can offer various types of base work - Eco timber base, concrete lintel base, concrete block base. We only rarely offer a full concrete base, and usually only to local customers.

  Universal Credit started paying rent direct to Stonewater  
  starting 7th April 2019  
  Rent had previously been paid in full and not in arrears  
Payment Dated Who paid to Amount
  We can pay your landlord (07 04 2019 to 06 05 2019) £374.92
  We can pay your landlord (07 05 2019 to 06 06 2019) £374.92
  We can pay your landlord (07 06 2019 to 06 07 2019) £374.92
  We can pay your landlord (07 07 2019 to 06 08 2019) £374.92
  We can pay your landlord (07 08 2019 to 06 09 2019) £374.92
  We can pay your landlord (07 09 2019 to 06 10 2019) £374.92
  We can pay your landlord (07 10 2019 to 06 11 2019) £374.92
  We can pay your landlord (07 11 2019 to 06 12 2019) £374.92
  We can pay your landlord (07 12 2019 to 06 01 2020) £374.92
  We can pay your landlord (07 01 2020 to 06 02 2020) £374.92
  We can pay your landlord (07 02 2020 to 06 03 2020) £374.92
  Correctly Paid to Date Total £4,124.12
Payment Received Period payment is for Amount
17 May 2019 Universal Credit - Apa 07 04 2019 to 06 05 2019MP £374.92
  * MISSING PAYMENT - 07 05 2019 to 06 06 2019 - £374.92 *  
09 Aug 2019 Universal Credit - Apa 07 06 2019 to 06 07 2019MP £374.92
06 Sep 2019 Universal Credit - Apa 07 07 2019 to 06 08 2019MP £374.92
04 Oct 2019 Universal Credit - Apa 07 08 2019 to 06 09 2019MP £374.92
01 Nov 2019 Universal Credit - Apa 07 09 2019 to 06 10 2019MP £374.92
29 Nov 2019 Universal Credit - Apa 07 10 2019 to 06 11 2019MP £374.92
31 Dec 2019 Universal Credit - Apa 07 11 2019 to 06 12 2019MP £374.92
24 Jan 2020 Universal Credit - Apa 07 12 2019 to 06 01 2020MP £374.92
21 Feb 2020 Universal Credit - Apa 07 01 2020 to 06 02 2020MP £374.92
20 Mar 2020 Universal Credit - Apa 07 02 2020 to 06 03 2020MP £374.92
  Account is missing the payment for May-June 2019  
  and is therefore showing as constantly in arrears  
  Universal Credit payments are showing this was paid to Stonewater  


This was first reported to UC 27 Jul 2019 at 6:51pm

and on 7 Aug 2019 at 12:02pm
  and on 9 Oct 2019 at 4:22pm
  11 Oct 2019 at 2:02pm - Emma at Lisahally Service Centre  
  confirmed "we are still investigating the payment issue"  

We have information sheets on the subjects of Bases, Delivery, Insulation, Installation and General Information. The information sheets are sent by email to all customers receiving an installation quotation. These will cover almost every question you may want to ask, so please read these first, but if you still need to ask something just drop us an email and we are usually able to reply the same day.

0845 017 08 54 (Lo-Call - leave message)

07931 363227 (mobile)

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